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Tile spacers are small, reusable plastic tools used during tile installation to create consistent gaps between tiles. These gaps are essential for several reasons:

Consistent Grout Lines: The spacers ensure even spacing between tiles, which helps create straight, uniform grout lines.
Accommodate Expansion: Proper spacing allows tiles to expand and contract due to temperature changes, preventing cracking or buckling.
Improved Aesthetics: Evenly spaced tiles provide a professional and visually appealing finish.

Spacers For giving gap between tile during tile fixing. Enables the floor/ wall tiles to have straight and even grout spacing.
  • To keep the tiles at equal distance & create even grout lines.
  • Ensure tiles’ uniformity & enhance design
  • Ability to change individual tiles without damaging adjacent tiles.
  • Less effort & time with smoother installation
Available Size 2,3,4 & 5 mm
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