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KREMLIN Epoxy Grout is Two Part Epoxy comprising of Part-A & Part-B for ease of application and the ability to fill tile and stone joints the grout is best mixed to smooth creamy consistency. It is 100% solid Epoxy Grout with high chemical and stain resistance with smooth finish. It is non shrinking non sagging fast curing efflorescence free grout. it is ideal for installation where high strength mold and mildew resistance grout joints are required. It has high temperature, Resistance and can be stem cleaned suitable for joints between 2 to 1 0 mm in width.

Application Area Floor and wall tiles in residential, industrial and commercial buildings Terrace and balconies and Swimming pools.
Features High Bonding Highly water proof

Easy to use and clean

Anti cracking

UV Resistance

Resin based non dusting/Abrasion

compressive and tensile strength (Ensure carefree joints up to lite of the tile and stone)

Excellent matching of colors of tile and stone.

Stain free and Resistance against fungal and other bacterial issues.

Shelf life 24 Months when kept in original packing in Dry Place.
Pack Size 5 kg. Box
Color Refer to Shade Card
Technical Details 3 mm to 10 mm
Joint Width Cfeamy Pase
Mixing Consistency =/> 65N/mm2
Compressive Strength =/>25 h/mm2
Adhesion to Tiles & Stone Approx 4100 n/mm2
Abrasion Resistance Min 10* C and Max 40* C
Application Temperature
Permitted FROM +12°C to +30°C
Recommended FROM +18 to +23°C
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